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(Frequently Asked Questions)

In what states do you provide fireworks displays?

We mostly provide fireworks displays in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but team with another company that is licensed to provide shows in most states along the East Coast.

Why would I choose Party Pyros for a fireworks display instead of doing it myself?

For around the same price or cheaper, we will custom design your show and safely shoot the display.  We are safety certified and insured for personal and property damage.

If you or a friend shoot the fireworks yourself, liability damages may not be covered by your own insurance.  You or they are also not likely trained in taking all of the necessary precautions and measures to ensure the best safety for your guests and the property.

What is a typical price for a customized fireworks display?

Special event fireworks shows generally run anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, at a typical cost of $500 per minute, minimally doubling that rate for any time spent on the grand finale – these are not hard-set costs, but are a good guideline in budgeting most outdoor evening shows (pricing for daytime or indoor items vary greatly based on the event type's venue and desired effects).

Are you able to design a fireworks display set to music?

Absolutely!  We have several shows already choreographed to pre-set music, or we can customize a show to music of your choice.

Are you able to provide close types of effects?

Yes, close proximity (or proximate) effects allow you and your guests to safely get close to the pyrotechnics, allowing for some spectacular photo opportunities.

What are indoor pyrotechnic effects?

Some specific pyrotechnic effects are safe for indoor use.  These typically comprise of low-smoke sparklers (or sparkling candles) and various confetti cannons and poppers.

Are you able to work with a photographer for the best positions for photo opportunities?

Absolutely, either let us know your photographer's name and contact information before your display, or we will look to find them that day to go over the fireworks layout, and locate the ideal and safest positions to take the best photos.

What happens if it rains on the scheduled fireworks date?

Unless it is a torrential downpour or threatening lightning, fireworks shows can be shot in the rain.  Mother Nature does not always provide clear weather, but we have had many fireworks displays in the rain, and the audiences still enjoy the shows.  Many venues may have cover from the elements, or umbrellas are enough to keep anyone dry during the show.

Do all fireworks displays require insurance?

We will always procure fireworks liability insurance for any show that we provide, even if it is not required.  Insurance costs for a display are typically 10%-15% of the total show cost, and are based on each location and seasonal factors.

Do all fireworks displays require permits?

Not all locations require permits.  If they do, we will work directly with the governing bodies that require the permit, and communicate that cost to you before booking your display.

Do all fireworks displays require fire or emergency services?

Not all locations require emergency services (such as a fire truck and/or ambulance).  If they do, we will work directly with the governing bodies that require such services, and communicate that cost to you before booking your display.

What happens if the police or other authorities show up?

This can surely happen, even when the shows are fully permitted and completely legal.  If any neighboring areas happen to complain about the sounds of the fireworks, authorities may be required to investigate.  But don't worry, we will speak to them directly, and are happy to explain the setup as well as produce our federal license and any other documents or credentials.

When is a deposit and final payment due?

Your deposit is due no later than 30 days before the date of the display. We typically require a 50% deposit of the show total.

The remaining balance is due no later than 10 days prior to the display date, unless a later payment was agreed
upon and documented.

What if a show needs to be cancelled?

You will have the option to cancel the display at any time, for any reason, up to 3 days before the display date. In
this case, we will retain only your deposit. No refund will be given if you cancel within 3 days of the display date, as all product has been prepared, and all staffing has been secured.

Is special fireworks training required for you and your staff?

Yes, we keep up on our safety certifications and best practices training, as outlined and given by certified instructors of either the APA (American Pyrotechnics Association) or PGI (Pyrotechnics Guild International).

What safety procedures do you take?

We use a professional remote firing system that keeps us away from the fireworks, also allowing us to better monitor the progress of the show and the distance of the audience (making sure people or animals are not straying into the fireworks area).

We are able to stop the show at any time, and have a water fire extinguisher on standby to handle any initial issues.


I have seen some small fires in the display areas at some fireworks shows, what is that?

During many fireworks shows, small fires will appear in the field or display area, which are typically the cardboard containers that became lit after their fireworks went off.  This is common and not of any safety concern, as these small contained fires are easily and quickly extinguished with our water extinguishers, usually after the show has concluded.  

Do you have any further questions or feedback?

Please reach out to us via email at:

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